Liar Liar

08 Apr

The poem “liar liar pants on fire, hanging on a telephone wire” is one I remember from elementary school. It was a fun, albeit childish way to show that you didn’t believe what your friend was telling you.

I have learned some other versions since then. My favorite is “…your nose is longer than a telephone wire.” These lyrics come from a one hit wonder song by The Castaways.

The origins of the poem are lost in obscurity but one possible starting point is the poem “The Liar” by William Blake, written in 1810. The first line reads as follows:

“Deceiver, dissembler Your trousers are alight From what pole or gallows Shall they dangle in the night?”

Your trousers are alight!

As fascinating as I find etymology I am disappointed to see adults using this poem as a way to dismiss and belittle other people.

Mary Ellen Walling, The Executive Director of the BC Salmon Farmers Association is a common target for the people on the Salmon Are Sacred Facebook group. She is an easy target for this group because she is willing to take a positive stand for salmon farming in BC. Their response is to resort to elementary school tactics in order to show their opposition to what she has said.

pants on fire

pants on fire1

Canada is a free country; everyone has a right to state their opinion, even if it’s childish. It would be refreshing, however, to see differences of opinion expressed in a more mature and intelligent way.

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